Michael Fulton, Executive Vice President, Golin/Harris International. "Hank Cole brings the perfect measure of knowledge, strategy, creativity and passion to the campaigns we have worked with him on. He is a trusted and results-driven validator for the messages our clients seek to communicate on environmental and scientific issues."

Bryan M. Thomlison, former Director, Public Affairs and Environmental Management, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. "Henry S. Cole & Associates has considerable knowledge and technical expertise on a range of environmental issues. The firm is particularly adept at translating complicated technical matters into terms that lay people can understand. I have been pleased with their work and will continue to use their services as needs arise."

Jane Nogaki, Former Chairperson, New Jersey Environmental Federation "Dr. Cole has a personal style that enables him to break through communication barriers that so often exist between governmental agencies, the public, and industry."

David Altman, Altman & Calardo Law Firm (Cincinnati). "It is his mix of political and technical advice that makes Dr. Cole such a unique asset to those who wish to understand how our institutions operate and those who wish to institute reform and consensus on critical topics related to the environment."

Dr. Barry Johnson, Assistant Administrator, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. "We appreciate the thorough and constructive evaluations .... your work will materially help ATSDR and communities to better realize their joint aspirations. We look forward to working with you in implementing recommendations in your report and to getting your assistance in ATSDR's community involvement efforts."

Patricia Engdahl, President, Winthrop Landfill Citizens' Action Group."The members of the Winthrop Landfill Citizens' Action Group enthusiastically recommend Dr. Henry Cole for work with any group that is struggling to deal with environmental problems. He has been most effective in helping lead our group to success."

Kathy Hinds, environmental leader in Maine."Dr. Hank Cole helped us enormously at the McKin Superfund Site in East Gray, Maine. Through his expertise and effective communication, Dr. Cole was instrumental in improving our Superfund Cleanup. We have valued his advice, his reports, and his public appearances over the years."

John T. O'Connor, former Director Gravestar, Incorporated. "Hank Cole has been a great source of inspiration and knowledge in making our portfolio of shopping centers cleaner and greener."