Scientific Support And Advocacy For Firms With Environmentally Advanced Technologies

Cole & Associates supports companies with environmentally advanced products and technologies. Services include:

  • Environmental assessments (confidential or for public distribution)
  • Media-worthy reports describing a product's environmental advantages
  • Developing alliances with public interest organizations to support client objectives
  • Testimony, presentations and op-eds aimed at decision-makers and media

Michael Fulton, Executive Vice President, Golin/Harris International. "Hank Cole brings the perfect measure of knowledge, strategy, creativity and passion to the campaigns we have worked with him on. He is a trusted and results-driven validator for the messages our clients seek to communicate on environmental and scientific issues."


Scientific support for CSI's arsenic-free preservative for treated wood.

Environmentally safe alternatives to perchloroethylene-based dry cleaning.

Church and Dwight Company.

Support for clean electric power industry.

Sustainable shopping centers.

Mercury Warning: A Study of Mercury Contamination in the United States.

Environmental advantages of glass containers.