Henry S. Cole & Associates - Environmental Science, Communications & Advocacy

Founded in 1993, Henry S. Cole & Associates, Incorporated is an environmental consulting firm that provides scientific support, communications and advocacy for corporate, non-profit and community organizations. Cole & Associates:

Areas of Expertise and Service

  • Enviornmental assessments, fate and transport
  • Air pollution meteorology and modeling
  • Project management
  • Selection and management of expert teams to serve client objectives
  • Reports, testimony, and opinion pieces

A unique asset

Cole & Associates has unique attributes that have proven valuable to clients including businesses with environmentally advanced technologies, public and government affairs companies, government agencies, and environmental and community-based non-profit organizations.

  • The firm integrates solid science with highly effective communications aimed at the public, the media and decision-makers
  • Dr. Cole has written a large number of reports designed to inform the public and to advocate client positions. A number of reports have received wide coverage in print and electronic media including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Boston Globe, CBS Evening News, ABC and CNN. His opinion pieces have been published in The Washington Post, Washington Times and San Francisco Chronicle. Examples
  • Dr. Cole's past leadership and continued involvement in the environmental movement has provided enormous value to clients that need to broaden the base of support for their objectives. Cole's diverse clientele and scientific experience have enabled the firm to develop and implement effective processes involving diverse stakeholders.

Background Of Henry S. Cole, Ph.D., STAFF, and ASSOCIATES

Strategic Partnerships, Affiliates and Associates

Cole & Associates helps achieve ban on chromium-based wood preservative for residential use.